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BALI - 8°36'22.7"S 115°05'24.2"E

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An environment of peaceful simplicity; embraced by nature and immersed
in its context, Terima Estate is a boutique neighbourhood of six refined, discrete villas.

Curated to celebrate the beauty of its landscape, Terima Estate invites residents to receive the tranquillity, artistry, and serenity of Kedungu. Peacefully elegant, each villa softly evokes a harmonious lifestyle, embedded in a unique marriage of land and architecture.



{ te • ri • ma }Indonesian

(V) Accept. The act of accepting, welcoming, or receiving something. Something that is given or sent.

Accept the environment, accept the culture, and immerse yourself into the natural surroundings.


A place of timelessness;
Terima Estate is an environment
of peaceful simplicity.
Embracing Balinese craft & culture,
the villas are a retreat of harmonious balance.

The architecture plays between positive and negative space, mixing solid and open, light and shade, to create varying environments that evolve with the inhabitants.

Villas that capture and embrace nature; funnelling the breeze to create comfortable relaxation, connecting to the outdoors to blend space, screening sunlight to dapple shadows across the environment. A soothing ambience permeates the space and instills each moment with a warmth.

the villas

“Leave the beaten track occasionally
and dive into the woods.
Every time you do so you will be certain
to find something that you have never seen before”
Alexander Graham Bell



Of land, of culture, of people. Terima Estate is created for and of its context. From conception to delivery, the Estate is deliberate in celebrating the natural landscape, local craft, and lifestyle of Kedungu. Enhance rather than dominate, add rather than subtract, blend rather than contrast.


A curated marriage of contemporary comfort and traditional artistry. Embracing a human touch in creation, Terima Estate combines natural materials to sculpt a unique character. A seamless blend of natural texture and honed craftsmanship.


Refined elegance that speaks softly. Terima Estate treads lightly and opts for subtle luxury over ornate opulence. An inherently sustainable approach, Terima is grounded in longevity; of nature, of construction, and of lifestyle.